About me

Hey I'm Abigail Jane and I am The Quarter Life Coach.

Thanks to my mum, I was brought up always seeing what was possible.

So from a young age I was inspired to be my own boss, I just never quite knew how to do that. They don't teach that in school.

After a failed attempt at university, I didn't quite know what to do next.

So I somehow winged (no pun intended) my way into becoming British Airways Cabin Crew.

After two years of flying around the world, living my ultimate life, I knew it wasn't a sustainable lifestyle for me.

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About me

So my next big challenge was following in my parents footsteps and joining the emergency services....

It is safe to say I have seen ALL walks of life from serving regulars in the business cabin... to the less fortunate.

Along my varied and interesting path, I found myself always being a leader. It's one of my strengths, I can thank my mother for that.

However, I am always looking for my next big challenge. I can never sit still or too comfortably for long.

My next big challenge....

Inspiring and motivating as many people as I can to live their best, most authentic lives in line with their goals and desires.

Who's on board with me?

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Abigail x

The Quarter Life Coach

Mission Statement:

To help woman in their 20-30's create their dream life and escape the 9-5