The Quarter Life Creator Bundle doors are OPEN ✨

We are kicking off with a 10 week programme, to optimise your life!

We want to work closely with you to make sure you hit all your goals before the end of this year!

What this will look like:

⚡️Immediate access to our unique Quarter Life Creator Course - written specifically for people like you!

⚡️A 90 minute face to face coaching session, with both Kirsty and Abbie, to fast start your programme!

⚡️A further 4 one hour face to face coaching sessions, to provide progress and accountability!

⚡️Subscription to The Advantage Academy newsletters, with weekly inspiring content!

The Advantage Academy is a unique coaching and training business, the only one aimed at people experiencing the Quarter Life Crisis.

It is a place for people like you to receive the learning and support you need to design the life of your dreams, without confusion an overwhelm.

We are The Advantage Academy

We couldn't be more excited to help you design your dream life without wasting these important years of your life unhappy and confused.

We believe that with the right knowledge, direction and one to one support, you can, in this year, change your life's direction for the better.

So let me ask you;

➡️ Do you feel confused with your life's direction?
➡️ Do you feel overworked and underpaid?
➡️ Do you are not sure if your career is the right one for you?
➡️ Does the though of another 40 years in your current situation horrifies you?
➡️ Do you know you need help but you're aren't sure where to turn?

If you said yes to any of those questions, The Quarter Life Creator coaching and course bundle is for you!

We envision The Quarter Life Creator bundle will be your inspiration nad motivation to change your life for the better.

'You're always one decision away from a totally different life' - anonymous

For a one off payment of £1,500 (+VAT) you will get UNLIMITED access to The Quarter life Creator online course, for as long as you need it, valued at £397.

This is a great tool to use, to revisit your goals each year.

AND you will also get access to not one, but TWO coaches and mentors; with a broad range of life and business experience, to guide you through the programme.

The value of each mentoring package is £1,200, making to total value of this bundle £2,797.

We are really excited to meet the woman we are going to work with this year; and cannot wait to see the benefit you are going to get in the next 12 months and beyond!

So let's recap on what you will receive...

The programme is a structured course of study combined with 1:1 coaching to guide you through it and keep you on track.

We want to offer a ‘done with you’ programme to keep the momentum, optimise your learning and get you in a better place to design your own life. 

The programme is designed over a ten-week period with activities and learning modules in between coaching sessions.

Week One:

⭐️ Introduction and navigation module completed

⭐️ Book first coaching session with Abigail and Kirsty

Week Two:

⭐️ 90 minute coaching session with BOTH Abigail and Kirsty

⭐️ Goal setting module completed

Week Three:

⭐️ 60minute 1:1 coaching session with Abigail

⭐️ Start Mind Set module

⭐️ Book next coaching session with Kirsty

Week Four:

⭐️ Complete Mind Set module

⭐️ 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with Kirsty

Week Five:

⭐️ Start Business module

⭐️ Book next coaching session with Abigail

Week Six:

⭐️ Complete Business module

⭐️ 60 minute coaching session with Abigail

Week Seven:

⭐️ Complete Getting on Track module

⭐️ Send completed workbook for review

⭐️ Book final coaching session with Kirsty

Week 8:

⭐️ Final 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with Kirsty

Week 8-12:

⭐️ Self guided activity

⭐️ 60 minute review call with both Abigail and Kirsty

Who is Abigail?

Abigail is a Level 7 qualified Executive Coaching, with a broad range of life experience in the travel industry, emergency services and home based business.

Abigail has invested in her own education and personal development to bring to you a unique broad range of skills and knowledge to help you figure out your life plan and take the necessary action steps to make your dream life a reality.

Who is Kirsty?

Kirsty is a highly experiences senior manager with a passion for business.

Highly educated to doctorate level and extensive experience of coaching and mentoring people in a variety of settings.

Kirsty has a track record of success in business and brings to you the knowledge and experience that you need to build the foundation for a successful life.

Doing this on your own isn't easy, and we know that having soon to guide and support you is crucial to your success.

We are heavily invested in our coaching business, and as entrepreneurs, we have the learning and ability, provided in this bundle, to help you grown.

Start your journey now.